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Subject: [Outing] Kadorrie Outing Report [Print This Page]

Author: HFCheung    Time: 13/10/2008 13:48     Subject: Kadorrie Outing Report

Here is the trip report.  Thanks to Young Peter and Chirstine-Sammy for help.  Highlight of the day, a young wild boar seen at two locations.

Kadoorie Farm 12 Oct 2008, cloudy, hazy, warm (25 deg), dry
67        黑鸢        Black Kite        tick
71        蛇雕        Crested Serpent Eagle        tick
75        凤头鹰        Crested Goshawk        tick
194        珠颈斑鸠        Spotted Dove        tick
237        大拟啄木鸟        Great Barbet        tick
257        灰鹡鸰        Grey Wagtail        tick
258        白鹡鸰        White Wagtail        tick
269        赤红山椒鸟        Scarlet Minivet        tick
270        红耳鹎        Red-whiskered Bulbul        tick
271        白头鹎        Chinese Bulbul        tick
272.8        绿翅短脚鹎        Mountain Bulbul        1 to 2
287        鹊鸲        Oriental Magpie Robin        tick
297        蓝矶鸫        Blue Rock Thrush        tick
298        紫啸鸫        Blue Whistling Thrush        tick
309.5        小鳞胸鹪鹛        Pygmy Wren Babbler        tick
310        红头穗鹛        Rufous-capped Babbler        tick
319        蓝翅希鹛        Blue-winged Minla        tick
347        长尾缝叶莺        Common Tailorbird        tick
354        黄眉柳莺        Yellow-browed Warbler        tick
356        极北柳莺        Arctic Warbler        tick
359        淡腳/庫頁島柳莺        Pale-legged / Sakhalin Leaf Warbler        tick
389        大山雀        Great Tit        tick
391        绒额䴓        Velvet-fronted Nuthatch        tick
394.5        啄花鸟類        Flowerpecker species        tick
395        叉尾太阳鸟        Fork-tailed Sunbird        tick
397        暗绿绣眼鸟        Japanese White-eye        tick
443        灰树鹊        Grey Treepie        tick
447        大嘴乌鸦        Large-billed Crow        tick

HF Cheung

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Author: HFCheung    Time: 13/10/2008 18:12

From the photo, clearly I need weight reduction (fat reduction).

HF Cheung

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