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Subject: Digiscoping with the Nikon D90 [Print This Page]

Author: fneil    Time: 19/10/2008 13:51     Subject: Digiscoping with the Nikon D90

I wanted a light weight backup to my D3 as a travel camera and for the extra 1.5x crop.  When the D90 was announced , and it included video , I had to have one.  It's an upgrade to the D80 but with many small improvements and so far I've found it very similar to my D3/D2x to setup and use. With the Nikon 300/4 AFS and the 1.4x tele it has nice coverage and at iso 800 has very little noise ( iso 1600 is noisy ).  I have been able to digiscope with it to using the Nikon 20/2.8 D lens in Auto Focus mode on my balance bar. If you screw the lens to the Swarovski DCA adapter (you need a step down ring from 62 - 52 mm ) then you can't use AF. The attached digiscoped photo of the Chinese Pond Heron on the post was taken through the Swarovski 45x eyepiece and in Auto focus mode. I'm sure you all recognise the post at Hong Kong Wetland Park.
The video mode is nice to have but I haven't used it much yet. No Continuous focus is a limitation.

Nikon D90 plus Swarovski STS80HD scope and SW 30x and 45x eyepiece and homemade balance bar

Image Attachment: chinese pond heron D90_DSC0091.jpg (19/10/2008 13:51, 109.42 KB) / Download count 564

Author: cwchan    Time: 19/10/2008 17:49

Good analysis,  Neil
My personal view is that weight and vibration are always the problem of using DSLR for digiscoping.
Hopefully, the coming minus Four-third system can be better.


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