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Subject: [Kingfisher] Pied Kingfisher 班魚狗 [Print This Page]

Author: oLDcaR    Time: 24/10/2008 09:46     Subject: Pied Kingfisher 班魚狗

Bird Name (Scientific Name): Pied Kingfisher (Ceryle rudis) 班魚狗
Location: Mai Po, HK
Time: 17 Oct 2008
Camera settings: D300, AFS-II 600mm + 1.4x
Author: wleepoin    Time: 24/10/2008 10:37

Spot on, nice capture!

Author: hiddenplace    Time: 24/10/2008 11:13

Author: HKBWS Vicky    Time: 24/10/2008 14:42

great shot!
Author: gary    Time: 24/10/2008 22:06

Stunning photo!

Author: oLDcaR    Time: 24/10/2008 22:35

thanks for all support!

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Author: DanielCKChan    Time: 25/10/2008 14:48

You capture the moment! well done!
Softer light would be better of course
Author: HKbird    Time: 31/10/2008 15:12

Excellent photo!  
Looking at way the beak speared thru the fish, you just don't want to mess with these birds...!

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