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Subject: [Eagles] Black Eagle ?? [Print This Page]

Author: peregrine    Time: 3/12/2008 12:41     Subject: Black Eagle ??

Dec 1, 08  at Clear Water Bay near Tai O Mum

Image Attachment: Black Eagle 1.jpg (3/12/2008 12:41, 61.59 KB) / Download count 479

Author: kmike    Time: 3/12/2008 14:47

Blackc Kite, not Black Eagle, but a nice photo

Mike K
Author: Beetle    Time: 3/12/2008 19:18

Why there are some strange mosaic pattern on the left of the photo? problems of my monitor?
Author: peregrine    Time: 3/12/2008 21:13

Dear Cheng,

Your monitor got no problem.  I reduced the photo from 3MB to 740KB just for posting.  Thus it caused the mosaic pattern appeared.

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