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Subject: Flight photos with the G1 [Print This Page]

Author: fneil    Time: 27/03/2009 07:11     Subject: Flight photos with the G1

The G1 does a good job of Auto Focusing on birds in flight and you have the advantage of shooting in RAW + Jpeg too.  This photo was taken about two weeks ago and the distance was about 180 metres. Neil.

Panasonic Lumix G1 plus Swarovski STS80HD scope and Sw30x eyepiece and DCA adapter

Image Attachment: gulls take off G1_1190885.jpg (27/03/2009 07:11, 118.16 KB) / Download count 627

Image Attachment: gulls takeoff crop nw G1_1190885.jpg (27/03/2009 07:11, 110.92 KB) / Download count 596

Author: bmw343hp    Time: 27/03/2009 18:17

very nice pix
Author: hsteen    Time: 1/04/2009 23:03     Subject: Panasonic G1

Great work.

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