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Subject: WHITE-SHOULDERED STARLING (PINK) 灰背椋鳥 [Print This Page]

Author: cwho    Time: 3/05/2009 00:30     Subject: WHITE-SHOULDERED STARLING (PINK) 灰背椋鳥

MAY 1, 2009  MP

Sorry for the poor photos

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Author: kmatthew    Time: 3/05/2009 20:51

Are you sure this is a Rose-coloured Starling?? Look very much like a Chinese Starling juv. to me...
Author: ajohn    Time: 3/05/2009 22:02

Unfortunately, this isn't the Rose-coloured Starling, which should have a black head and fully black wings, aomong other differences.

As suggested by Matthew, this is a White-shouldered (=Chinese) Starling, but an adult male rather than a juv (note that the coverts are fully pale, creating a large pale patch in the wing). It is not unusual to see White-shouldered Starling with some unusual colouration (orange or pink) in spring - I have no idea what causes this. This particular bird is unusual for the extent and intensity of the pink, however. It has been in the Mai Po/San Tin area for a while. In fact it used to be an even brighter pink!

I saw the Rose-coloured briefly last week, feeding at the side of a fish pond near San Tin. Although brief, the views were sufficient to rule out the possibility that it was this bird (based on plumage pattern, structure, etc.). In fact, while trying to relocate the Rose-coloured later in the morning, I saw the pink White-shouldered on the same pond!
Author: cwho    Time: 3/05/2009 22:25

This bird really let me pleasant with a happy ending by knowing that this is a White-shoulder Starling in pink.

Thanks both of you ( kmatthew & ajoin) to point out my mistake.


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