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Subject: 對不起,你們還是到別處安家罷! Sorry, go find a safer island! [Print This Page]

Author: BWA    Time: 31/05/2009 23:38     Subject: 對不起,你們還是到別處安家罷! Sorry, go find a safer island!

一是燕鷗島 A,另一個是燕鷗島 D。

自從去年燕鷗島 D 發生釣友拾蛋事件之後,



小圖中的雛鳥都是 2007 年在淺綠色範圍找到的,而 "x" 時是今日有釣友垂釣之處。

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Author: BWA    Time: 31/05/2009 23:58

There are about 10 tern islands in Hong Kong.
Only Tern Islands A and D carry breeding records for all three tern species (Bridled, Black-naped and Roseate).

Since the egg incident on Tern Island D last year,
AFCD has erected 2 notice boards on the site, with occasional patrol by their wardens.

Since there are few spots to get onto the island,
AFCD warden has to go through the core area in order to talk to the fishermen scattered along the shore.

7 fishermen were seen during today's survey.
Although they mainly stayed at the waterfront, sometimes they have to go through the core area in pursuit of more favourable spots.

Perhaps because of this, this year's nesting area (dark green) have shrunk significantly from that of the last 2 years (dark green + light green).
The chicks in the inset were photographed in 2007 at the light green area.
"X" marks today's fishing positions.
Since the light green area is very flat, it can be accessed easily by fishermen.
No terns stayed at the light green area today.
For safety's sake, all nests are cramped into the highground shown in dark green.

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