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Subject: 非常快手,但真的很急嗎? A quick job, but is it that urgent? [Print This Page]

Author: BWA    Time: 8/08/2009 17:29     Subject: 非常快手,但真的很急嗎? A quick job, but is it that urgent?


A navigation beacon is mounted on the largest tern island in Hong Kong.
The mesh around the beacon was damaged as early as last summer.
While nothing was seen during our visit on Jul 26 (HKBWS outing),
a brand new mesh was already in place on 1 Aug 09 - a really quick job indeed!
No matter how skillful were the workers, the work should have taken at least a few days.
Why didn't they do it during the winter, but instead schedule it at the middle of the tern breeding season?
Is it really necessary?

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Author: wcaptain    Time: 9/08/2009 09:25

In this breeding season, at least 3-4 egret colonies also faced the same problem. Govt/public utilities commenced their maintenance works (road digging in order to change waterpipes and cable etc) during the breeding time of egrets.

What to do? We sent letters to Govt/public utilities and asked them to stop or reschedule the work. Replies were positive.

So, suggest HKBWS send a smilar letter to Marine Dept.

Author: BWA    Time: 9/08/2009 23:18

It clearly demonstrates that current measures are not adequate.
Not even government workers notice the notice, so what could we expect from others?

Author: HFCheung    Time: 10/08/2009 20:26

I think it is time for HKBWS to file a complain on this.

HF Cheung
Author: lpaul    Time: 9/09/2009 11:41

I continue to fail to understand why this one island cannot be made a protected area with zero access during the breeding season.

It seems clear that the terns continue to suffer from regular and extensive disturbance, yet the society seems to do nothing but monitor the situation.  Perhaps someone more closely invloved can provide a clearer picture of the situation.

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