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Subject: Birds at HK Wetland Park 濕地公園的鳥 [Print This Page]

Author: Webcreeper    Time: 15/10/2006 09:18     Subject: Birds at HK Wetland Park 濕地公園的鳥

Orignally posted by W.C. 09/01/06 at 18:04:04

1-9-2006 from 11am to 4pm at "Mudflat hide" :

Black Drongo X1
Black eared kite X1
Collared Crow X1
Cattle Egret X23
Common kingfisher X1
Common Sandpiper X3
Chinese pond heron X6
Dusky shrike X1
Great Egret X 12
Little Egret X9
Gery Heron X1
Great tit X1
Little ringed plover X4
Red-vented bulbul X6
Spotted munia X5
White wagtail X2
White breasted kingfisher X1
Wood sandpiper X1
Yellow-bellied prinia X4

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