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Subject: Discovery Bay - Spring 2010 [Print This Page]

Author: thinfor    Time: 21/04/2010 22:17     Subject: Discovery Bay - Spring 2010

A Chinese Goshawk (赤腹鷹) was seen at 14:20 near the woodland area around the entrance of the Discovery Bay (DB) Tunnel.  Possibly an adult male.  This was my new record so far in DB.  

Also a black drongo was also seen.  They have been usually seen during summer, probably breeding in DB.

Apart from a Chinese Goshawk, raptors like common kestrel, crested goshawk/besra, common buzzard and black kite have been found this spring.  Occasionally, black kites even catch something on the private beach surface.

Another new record for me in DB this spring was a male Daurian Redstart and a possible male Tristram's Bunting.  But it was not so clear for the latter.

I hope some more species will be found in DB and will keep you all informed.
Author: lchunfai    Time: 21/04/2010 22:38

Manson , Can you find the francolin and eagle owl finally ?
Author: thinfor    Time: 21/04/2010 23:00

Hi Fai Chai, sorry the answer is no.

I've heard Chinese Francolin calling many times (already called at the beginning of the year) but still couldn't see one.

For eagle owl, no traces at all.

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