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Subject: [Pelicans] Dalmatian Pelicans - Discussion Only [Print This Page]

Author: tmichael    Time: 3/02/2007 22:27     Subject: Dalmatian Pelicans - Discussion Only

Is it still the case that for the first time in living memory there are no Dalmatian Pelicans in Deep Bay this winter?

If so it seems worth bringing to public attention in connection with concerns expressed in today's HK press about off-the-scale pollution levels there, and in view of the rather ironic fact that the HK Govt has decided to feature that species on their $50 definitive stamp for the next few years.

Mike Turnbull
Author: tmichael    Time: 3/02/2007 22:29

Sorry I added this post to "Landbirds>>Doves"!

Grateful if one of the site managers could relocate for me.

Mike T.
Author: bkenneth    Time: 3/02/2007 22:33

Good question、Mike...the same was in the back of my mind as well....the other rhetorical one from me is when will the Black-Headed Ibis return?

Author: 深藍-Owen    Time: 3/02/2007 22:44

miss them so much, my first memory of them is Nov 2003 about 11 of them in Tsim Bei Tsui. doubt that they will back this year... and next year..

photo last winter.

Mai Po
25-Jan-2006 17:49:09

Author: Hendrix    Time: 3/02/2007 23:45

my best memory is when that photo of $50 definitive stamp was taken in 2004 .

you can see how small avocets is

Author: ktzehoi    Time: 4/02/2007 00:05     Subject: Dalmatian Pelican

I was so excited when I finally saw news about Dalmatian Pelican posted on the web. "Finally they came!" I thought.    

I soon found out that these were merely pictures taken last year but not pictures freshly taken. The sad fact is that they still do not turn up this year!  :cry:

Miss them soo much!
Author: yyattung    Time: 4/02/2007 00:32

Mike: I think we had another winter without pelicans in mid-1990s. I will check it later on.

This winter has gone half way already and I think the pelicans would not come to HK this winter. A total of 19 Dalmatian Pelicans are recorded in mainland China at this moment. Details could be referred to the information on the bottom.

My question is 'why do the pelican not come to HK?' I just could not see any particular reason in this winter. It is because we might have fewer disturbances from mudskipper collectors this winter (just my personal feeling - also see not many complaints made in this BBS about it so far) and also we actually have very high number of other waterbirds coming to Mai Po this winter - over 6000 Avocets, over 4000 Tufted Ducks and I see there is an increase of the total number of waterbirds comparing to the previous years. This winter is not very cold that may be the reason for pelicans not going to the south.

However, the situation of the pelican in the East Asia region is in very critical situation. The 19 pelicans present at this moment are probably already the whole East Asia population. We think the decline of this species in this region is caused by some reasons, such as lost of wintering and staging sites, hunting in both breeding and wintering sites. The Black-faced Spoonbill could finally a safer place to breed - the coast of North Korea which has very few human disturbances, but the pelicans are still being hunted in the breeding site in the steppe lakes in Mongolia.

I think both local and international conservation efforts have to be greatly increased for safeguarding this species from the extinction in this region.

Yat-tung YU
Waterbird Monitoring Programme

Dear all,

With an increase of birdwatching societies formed in China there are more
information on birds from China, as you have occasionally received news
from the Beijing Birdwatching Society summarizing exciting discoveries.

The eastern population of Dalmatian Pelican breeds in western Mongolia (and
formerly in Xinjiang, China) and the only major winter population known in
recent years is in the Deep Bay (or Shenzhen Wan) between Hong Kong and
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China. In this winter no pelicans have been
recorded so far, and one immature Dalmatian Pelican found in Hangzhou,
Zhejiang Province of China was found dead in early January 2007.

Records compiled by the birdwatchers in China so far are seven Dalmatian
Pelican at Haifeng County, Guangdong Province on 20 January, one at the Min
Jiang Estuary, Fujian Province on 21 January and on at Luoyang City, Henan
Province on 13 and 14 January.

The most exciting news comes from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province today. More
than 10 birds (including one young bird) were found at the coastal area of
Wenzhou City. Photos have been posted on the website of the Zhejiang
Natural History Museum:

On the same day more than 2,000 Saunders's Gulls were counted at the same
location. The bay of Wenzhou (Wenzhou Wan) has been identified as an
Important Bird Area (IBA) at the BirdLife International inventory of IBA in
Asia published in 2004.

The information above suggests about 20 Dalmatian Pelicans are now
wintering in China (mostly at the southeastern coast). These are probably
the only surviving individuals of the eastern population that breeds in
western Mongolia.

Simba Chan
Senior Conservation Officer
BirdLife International Asia Division
Author: Hendrix    Time: 4/02/2007 01:30

one of it find in 杭州水庫 Hangzhou around 4~8 Jan 07 . but it dead soon as 解剖發現肺壞死。現已成標本 :cry:

photo by 35qzw / QC168 .

Image Attachment: 31658_1168084126.jpg (4/02/2007 01:30, 0 Bytes) / Download count 3763

Author: bkenneth    Time: 4/02/2007 11:20

Thank you for the very comprehensive update!

I`m not an expert but does anyone have any idea if bird flu has made an impact ?

Author: tmichael    Time: 4/02/2007 12:42

I'm not an expert either, but I really think we can discount "bird flu" as a significant factor.

Hunting pressure, especially in the breeding area, and winter habitat loss and degradation are, I'm sure, to blame in what has been a steady final decline of this population over the last 40 years or so, as evidenced by counts in HK.

Mike Turnbull
Author: tbob    Time: 6/02/2007 18:00

My contribution to our Dalmation Pelican friends. Shot at Mai Po and compressed for internet
Author: tmichael    Time: 6/02/2007 18:21

Great footage but these haunting images may be all we have left of them now.

Mike Turnbull
Author: Sze    Time: 22/11/2010 14:24

Just share some informtion in Chinese!

From :

卷羽鵜鶘(學名:Pelecanus crispus),在世界自然保護聯盟瀕臨滅絕物種危急清單中被列為易危物種,其數量呈逐年遞減的趨勢。據估計,全球卷羽鵜鶘的數量在1萬至2萬隻左右,其中有4千至5千對配偶。卷羽鵜鶘在濕地區域繁衍,它們的棲息地分佈雖然廣泛,從歐洲的東部和東南部到蒙古以及中國沿海和香港地區,但是這些棲息地卻非常分散。



From :





中新山東網濟南2010年1028日電 (通訊員 尹文盛 劉月良)黃河三角洲良好的環境不斷吸引各種珍禽把這裡當做遷徙地。進入10月份以來,已被列入國際鳥類保護委員會世界瀕危鳥類紅皮書的國家二級保護動物的卷羽鵜鶘再次光臨黃河三角洲過階級自然保護區。這也是科研人員連續5年觀察到卷羽鵜鶘光臨黃河三角洲。2009年秋季,保護區科研人員調查發現,卷羽鵜鶘遷徙停歇數量達21只,黃河三角洲自然保護區是其最大遷徙中轉站。卷羽鵜鶘亞洲種群僅31只,繁殖於蒙古,在其南遷途中在黃河三角洲自然保護區遷徙停歇。據悉,黃河三角洲自然保護區初次發現卷羽鵜鶘在2006年秋季,其後幾年連續發現遷徙停歇種群。(完)

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