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Subject: [Nightjar] Grey nightjar [Print This Page]

Author: sgeoff    Time: 5/04/2007 18:20     Subject: Grey nightjar

普通夜鷹 - 南丫島, 北角邨 2007-04-05 Pak Kok village, Lamma I

This bird was snoozing exposed on the wall of a drain, but accessible only by trudging across a swamp, edging closer and closer until it realised its space was being invaded and flew off.

Author: bkenneth    Time: 5/04/2007 21:02

That's a great pic, Geoff.

Author: sgeoff    Time: 5/04/2007 21:46

Thanks - and again, up close and personal

Author: mguy    Time: 6/04/2007 11:49

Nice one Geoff

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