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Subject: [Curlews] A gifted curlew [Print This Page]

Author: kscheng    Time: 22/11/2013 16:39     Subject: A gifted curlew

This Eurasian Curlew probed his elongated bill into the mud flats in Maipo in the morning of November 6th.  He picked up arthropods for his breakfast.  His fifteen-centimeter long decurved bill is a gifted weapon that no invertebrates could fight with.

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Author: ajohn    Time: 22/11/2013 18:47

This is actually a Whimbrel rather than Eurasian Curlew - if you look closely you can see that the head has a well-marked pattern with dark eye-stripe and pale above the eye. They're not very common in winter (only 1 or 2 present now).
I expect it was feeding on crabs, which seem to be the favorite food of Whimbrel. A you saw, they're very good at finding the burrows and pulling the crabs out.
Author: kscheng    Time: 23/11/2013 11:42

Hello John, thank you for the identification.  As I can see in my picture, he has caught a crab for his meal.

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