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Subject: [Hong Kong] 其他南生圍發展 Other NSW developments [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 4/12/2013 17:22     Subject: 其他南生圍發展 Other NSW developments

Other proposed residential developments at Nam Sang Wai

There are two other planning applications for residential developments along the southern edges of Nam Sang Wai (Application numbers: A/YL-NSW/223 and A/YL-NSW/224).  Both of these are submitted by the same developer!  They are also located within the Wetland Buffer Area.

A/YL-NSW/223 - 是次邀請意見的截止期限 Deadline 13/12/2013
A/YL-NSW/224 - 是次邀請意見的截止期限 Deadline 10/12/2013

The Society will object to these developments.
(We are in the midst of finalizing our statements)

Please voice your concerns to the Town Planning Board.

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Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 13/12/2013 15:41

HKBWS's objections submitted to the Town Planning Board:

HKBWS_comments_AYL-NSW223.pdf (586.56 KB)
HKBWS_comments_AYL-NSW224.pdf (535.87 KB)

Attachment: HKBWS_comments_AYL-NSW223.pdf (13/12/2013 15:41, 586.56 KB) / Download count 302

Attachment: HKBWS_comments_AYL-NSW224.pdf (13/12/2013 15:41, 535.87 KB) / Download count 308
Author: HKBWS Chuan    Time: 16/12/2013 09:59

蘋果日報 - 濕地附近申建丁屋捱轟 ... &issue=20131216

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