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Subject: [Grebes] A playful little grebe [Print This Page]

Author: kscheng    Time: 24/11/2014 13:49     Subject: A playful little grebe

This pond at Long Valley was the habitat of a family of four common moorhens in Summer.  Water weeds have outgrown in the pond and the moorhens were no where to be seen.  In the morning of November 18th a little grebe appeared surfing on the water weeds picking up seeds under the water.  The pond became a play field of this little grebe.

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Author: sdavid    Time: 24/11/2014 20:44

Just out of interest, but did the grebe swallow the seeds?
Author: kscheng    Time: 29/11/2014 21:39

With the seed in its mouth, the little grebe dived into the water again.

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