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Subject: [Nightjar] Grey Nightjar 普通夜鷹 [Print This Page]

Author: John Holmes    Time: 5/05/2007 23:01     Subject: Grey Nightjar 普通夜鷹

Over the sea south of Po Toi today !  A surprise species on a Boat Trip...

Camera stuff
ID mk 11n  400mm x 1.4

Po Toi Southern Water 蒲苔以南水域

Image Attachment: GreyNightjar_1746-01.jpg (5/05/2007 23:01, 0 Bytes) / Download count 2536

Author: wleepoin    Time: 6/05/2007 18:29

Tech stuff: Canon 1D mk 2n, 400 DO X1.4

Po Toi Southern Water 蒲苔以南水域

Author: njimmy    Time: 8/05/2007 11:23

Me and Irene were back in Hongkong for the long China holiday break.

Thanks to the organizers of the event. We ( group of 4 ) pop in the boat in the afternoon. My first experience of seeing birds on a boat.

Also my first trial with my gear ( 400mm F5.6L + D400 camera) in Hongkong.

attached JPG of the NightJar I took.

Cheers from Jimmy Ng ( now back into Shanghai )

Image Attachment: 070505 NightJar_2_2748.jpg (8/05/2007 11:23, 0 Bytes) / Download count 2305

Image Attachment: 070505 NightJar_1_2747.jpg (8/05/2007 11:23, 0 Bytes) / Download count 2312

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