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Subject: [China] 中华秋沙鸭越冬调查Winter sruvey of Scaly-sided Merganser [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Vivian    Time: 15/12/2015 17:11     Subject: 中华秋沙鸭越冬调查Winter sruvey of Scaly-sided Merganser

The Scaly-sided Merganser Census in China 2014-2015, led by the Chinese Bird Watching Societies Network (China Birdwatching Association) and sponsored by the Alashan SEE Foundation, was carried out in more than 150 different cities and counties of 19 provinces (including autonomous regions). A total of 441 individuals were recorded, distributed in over 30 sites of 25 cities and counties in 12 provinces and autonomous regions.

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