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Subject: [China] Highest Spoony winter record in China 中國最大一筆越冬勺嘴鷸紀錄 [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Vivian    Time: 1/01/2016 00:56     Subject: Highest Spoony winter record in China 中國最大一筆越冬勺嘴鷸紀錄

What a good news for the start of 2016!!! Two days ago (30th December), a remarkable count of at least 30 Spoon-billed Sandpipers (the highest count ever recorded in China in winter) were recorded by Jonathan Martinez and John Allcock, in Leizhou, Guangdong Pronvice. Another two Spoonies were sighted in Xitou on 27th and 28thDecember~
Wishing you all and Spoony an enjoyable and wonderful year in 2016!!
(Photo credit: Jonathan Martinez)
2016新年好消息!兩天前(12月30日),我們的會員Jonathan Martinez及 John Allcock在廣東省雷州紀錄到最少30隻勺嘴鷸, 這是近年在中國最大的一筆越冬紀錄呢! 另外在12月27和28日於廣東溪頭還觀察到2隻勺嘴鷸。
(圖片來源:Jonathan Martinez)

Image Attachment: SpoonBilled Sandpiper flagged DSC_0337Leizhou Fucheng 20151230.jpg (1/01/2016 00:56, 487.36 KB) / Download count 424

Author: JohnC    Time: 1/01/2016 07:04

Good job, awesome news.
Author: Stonechat    Time: 1/01/2016 16:52

good to know.
Author: lrichard    Time: 1/01/2016 21:39

Wonderful news! Congratulations to Jonathan and John on a record winter count.

Jonathan's persistence in highlighting the problem of illegal mistnets along that part of the Guangdong coast and persuading the authorities to take action has really paid off.
Author: HKBWS Vivian    Time: 25/02/2016 20:07

Press release from BirdLife International: ... ed-sandpipers-china

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