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Subject: Important Notice - HKBWS Membership Information [Print This Page]

Author: fforrest    Time: 23/10/2006 01:24     Subject: Important Notice - HKBWS Membership Information

Dear all,

To respond the concern raised in the recent posts by some members regarding the privacy issue and the security of HKBWS membership information provided for registration in the portal, I must hereby clarify that except the HKBWS membership no., firstname and lastname, no other membership information including HK ID no., telephone, address, sex, age & etc. are stored in our webserver.

The membership no., firstname and lastname are essential for verifying the information submitted for registration. In fact, they are being kept separate from the forum user data and no members can see them except the member him/herself.

In the retired BBS, there was no control on the login/username and mamy members came back to us telling that they had forgotten their usrnames and asking us to dig out for them. Therefore, a good control of the login/username will definitely facilitate the Admin Group to maintain the portal effectively as well as helping the members to remember their login name.

In the AGM held in September, a member had even suggested to use fullname as the login/username. We have carefully thought about the format of the login/username and found that the login/username in the form of "1st letter of last name + first name" will get the balance between good control and privacy. Please note that a "name" field is provided in the "rofile" page for members to input their webname to be displayed in the members' information and their post.

I hope the clarification above will ease members' concern on privacy/securtiy issues and let you understand the reason why we need to apply controls in the new portal.

Best Regards,

Forrest FONG

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