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Subject: [Ducks] American Wigeon 綠眉鴨 [Print This Page]

Author: spoonbill    Time: 5/01/2017 11:49     Subject: American Wigeon 綠眉鴨

Mai Po
An American Wigeon and a hybrid Eurasian wigeon

[img]4I2A9618 by toe1996, 於 Flickr[/img]

[img]4I2A9621 by toe1996, 於 Flickr[/img]

[img]4I2A9638 by toe1996, 於 Flickr[/img]
Author: thebirdguy    Time: 5/01/2017 13:07

Amazing! Looks just like both!
Author: cgeoff    Time: 5/01/2017 13:26

The rufous tones to the face of the bird most closely resembling American Wigeon, and in particular along the edge of the green band, seem to indicate this has Eurasian Wigeon genes also.

Author: lpaul    Time: 5/01/2017 14:16

As do strongly grey upperparts

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