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Subject: [Swans] Black swan [Print This Page]

Author: Jackvader    Time: 25/02/2017 12:44     Subject: Black swan

Black swan at Maipo this morning.

Related video:- ... id=1488115700626421

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Author: thebirdguy    Time: 25/02/2017 14:46

Nice job!
Author: Jackvader    Time: 27/02/2017 10:51

Called Fairview Park Management Office today. They said there was no escape of any of their black swans. They have a total of 9 black swans and all with their wing tips clipped. Interesting!

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Author: wcaptain    Time: 27/02/2017 16:44

Author: Jackvader    Time: 27/02/2017 17:18

According to some internet search, there are a few wild populations of black swan in Japan. One of them is in Miyazaki Pref. which is only 1,500km away. Can this one be a migrant from there?
Author: kmatthew    Time: 28/02/2017 15:15

There are plenty of other water fowl collections up in mainland China, to my knowledge there are Black Swans at Chimelong Animal Park, even Black Swans at water fowl collection as close as Shenzhen Zoo.
Author: Jackvader    Time: 28/02/2017 17:02

According to my internet search, there is a lake in Puzhehei, Yunnan, with hundreds of black swans and other swans roaming freely. It is only 800km from HK.  Like Japan and the U.K., these swans were initially domesticated by human. But as time goes by, they breed and give rise to generations that can fly. Even the black swans in Fairview Park once gave birth to a baby swan long time ago. I suspect that this one is one of those offsprings carried down by the strong monsoon last week.

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Author: irsychan    Time: 28/02/2017 18:08

Isn't it now important to take a photo of stretched wing of this bird, to see whether it is captive or wild?
Author: ajohn    Time: 1/03/2017 13:41

Although it is feasible that the bird could have come from a feral population in China or Japan, it is a very commonly kept species in waterfowl collections, and there is a very good chance that it is an escape from somewhere in Hong Kong, Shenzhen or another nearby city. It will be very difficult to prove where it is from, but it is very, very unlikely to be a truly wild bird from the native population in Australia!
Author: 9Wi    Time: 1/03/2017 22:34

Movie and photos were taken by 120~300/2.8 Sports + 1.4x + Nikon 1 V3

The black swan was not found ringed but seemed primaries had been cut.

[flash]黑天鵝 Black Swan by 九 歪, 於 Flickr[/flash]

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Author: Jackvader    Time: 2/03/2017 09:44

Thanks! Hope to see the bird in flight soon!
Author: irsychan    Time: 4/03/2017 01:34

Still no bird in flight photo after so many days?

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