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Subject: 2017 Homantin Summer [Print This Page]

Author: 星魚    Time: 31/05/2017 08:09     Subject: 2017 Homantin Summer

Grey-streaked Flycatcher
Barn Swallow
Scarlet Minivet   MALE
Forest Wagtail

Cinnamon Bittern

Brown Shrike
Hair-Crested Drongo
Arctic Warbler

Brown Shrike
White-throated Kingfisher

Arctic Warbler

arctic warbler
grey-streaked flycatcher
brown shrike

arctic warbler

Cattle Egret x8

sooty-headed bulbul

Tiger Shrike

Brown Shrike

Chestnut bulbul

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Author: wgeoff    Time: 1/06/2017 06:51

If accepted, the Tiger Shrike on 23 May would be a first ever spring record for this species, and a first ever adult male.

Congratulations once again to John and to Homantin.
Author: 星魚    Time: 1/06/2017 11:07

Thanks Geoff,!!^^
    It is really a gorgeous bird when I met him,,,,,I feel the color was very special and sharp, owing to the long distance between us,,,,,I can't confirmed its identity at the that moment even I used my bino,,,,, (many breeding plumage of Brown Shrike was closely to him,,,,,,!) after back to my office and finish the work,,,,and I turn my camera on,,,,,I know I had a "Great Bird Days",,,,,What a Wonderful Homantin,,,,,,!!^^

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