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Subject: Cook's Swift in Yunnan, China [Print This Page]

Author: HFCheung    Time: 11/08/2017 23:52     Subject: Cook's Swift in Yunnan, China

The following photos of Cook's Swift were taken at Cangshan (苍山), Dali, Yunnan, China in May this year. This is the first record of this species in Yunnan. About 40 individuals were found nesting in caves at 2370m altitude.

Photo taken by Mr Zhang Wai (张炜), a local birdwatcher from Dali.

Image Attachment: 02216 印支白腰雨燕, 云南 大理 苍山茫涌溪, _R0I0252.jpg (11/08/2017 23:52, 218.63 KB) / Download count 265

Image Attachment: 02216 印支白腰雨燕, 云南 大理 苍山茫涌溪, _R0I0254.jpg (11/08/2017 23:52, 221.6 KB) / Download count 277

Image Attachment: 02216 印支白腰雨燕, 云南 大理 苍山茫涌溪, _R0I0255.jpg (11/08/2017 23:52, 223.06 KB) / Download count 284

Author: HFCheung    Time: 12/08/2017 09:32

Sorry, altitude should be 2270m. In addition, "caves" is more like small holes along rock crevices.
Author: lpaul    Time: 14/08/2017 16:05

Do you mean first breeding record?  There are many records from Ruili of this species. Also, what is the rock type? This species has only previously been recorded in limestone areas.

Great photos!
Author: sdavid    Time: 15/08/2017 05:15

Great breeding record and photos.

I've seen it on the road between Jing Hong and Xishuangbanna and also near to Nabang.
Author: HFCheung    Time: 15/08/2017 10:53

Thank you for information. I am not a geologist, but Cangshan in Dali is famous for its marble. I guess that is the most abundant rock type. Marble and limestone are very similar in chemical composition, they difference is mostly in crystalization. So I guess the rocks in the photos are limeatone.
About records of this species in Yunnan, it is not mentioned in the original Pacific Swift split paper, and I am not aware of any reports in China. So I probably miss it. Where can I found the records?

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