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Subject: [Eagles] Besra or Japanese Sparrowhawk? (松雀鷹或日本松雀鷹?) [Print This Page]

Author: lida    Time: 2/04/2018 01:10     Subject: Besra or Japanese Sparrowhawk? (松雀鷹或日本松雀鷹?)

Can anyone help with the id please? Seems difficult to distinguish these two species.

Mai Po

Image Attachment: FB_IMG_1522602345276.jpg (2/04/2018 01:10, 174.72 KB) / Download count 250

Image Attachment: FB_IMG_1522602364807.jpg (2/04/2018 01:10, 173.97 KB) / Download count 217

Image Attachment: FB_IMG_1522602359196.jpg (2/04/2018 01:10, 185.08 KB) / Download count 204

Author: HFCheung    Time: 2/12/2019 15:00

Looks like a male Besra to me.  The orange iris is not good for female and juvenile.  Then the throat stripe is good for Besra.  The bars on tail is sometimes tricky, but width of dark to light appear to be 1:1. Length of primary projection also fits Besra.

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