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Subject: Telford Gardens - Oct 2018 [Print This Page]

Author: wcaptain    Time: 31/10/2018 13:38     Subject: Telford Gardens - Oct 2018

Some common passage migrants were seen at a planter of Telford Gardens, Kowloon Bay in late Oct

Pallas's grassphopper warbler (27-30 Oct)
160A6051 by Captain, on Flickr

Lanceolated Warbler (28 Oct PM)
160A6012 by Captain, on Flickr

Rufous tailed Robin (28 Oct PM)
160A5983 by Captain, on Flickr

160A6033 by Captain, on Flickr

Asian Stubtail (28 Oct PM)
160A6157 by Captain, on Flickr

Black-browed Warbler (28-31 Oct, but mainly in the morning)
160A6202 by Captain, on Flickr
Author: K_Chan    Time: 1/11/2018 21:01

Dear Captain, GREAT PHOTOS!
Astonished to learn such turn-up of migrants at Telford, where also houses a huge arcade. Which planters did you have these finds?

Author: wcaptain    Time: 2/11/2018 06:21

Near 茜廊 restaurant

Good luck
Author: K_Chan    Time: 2/11/2018 19:15

Author: garykctse    Time: 3/11/2018 19:03

其實 2016 年 1, 2 月呢度都有過小蝗鶯嘅記錄
Author: K_Chan    Time: 5/11/2018 18:44

Thanks Gary.

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