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Subject: [Outdated] 香港鳥類名錄 List of Hong Kong Birds (2019-03-27) [Print This Page]

Author: Record_Com    Time: 15/05/2019 22:52     Subject: [Outdated] 香港鳥類名錄 List of Hong Kong Birds (2019-03-27)


"香港鳥類名錄" 第 I 及第 II 類共有552種。

Decision of Records Committee on 27 March 2019 is summarized at the following links:

The HK List now stands at 552 species in Categories I and II.


"List of Hong Kong Birds" can be download at the following links:

HK_List_2019-03-27.xls (151 KB)   (MS Excel file)(Category I to III)
HK_List_2019-03-27.pdf (488 KB)   (PDF file)(Category I and II only)

[註:最新版本的 "香港鳥類名錄"(包含更新的學名),將會每年出版一次。
Note: the most updated "HK list" including taxonomic changes would be published once a year.]

Bird record forms can be downloaded here:

URF.doc (45 KB) 罕見鳥類記錄表格 Unusual Record Form (URF)
2019_Records.xlsx (284 KB) 2019 鳥類記錄表格 2019 Record Form



*第 III 類鳥種並非香港鳥類名錄正式確認的鳥種,香港鳥類名錄只包括第 I 類及第 II 類。

The species category definition is as follows:

*Category III species do not form part of the official HK List which is only Category I and II species.

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