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Subject: X3, AU, Z4 [Print This Page]

Author: kc3018    Time: 5/05/2021 19:02     Subject: X3, AU, Z4

Pond 16/17, MPNR

Whimbrel X3

Common Redshank AU

Common Redshank Z4

Image Attachment: W_DSC3021-1.jpg (5/05/2021 19:02, 1.11 MB) / Download count 135

Image Attachment: CR_DSC2870-1.jpg (5/05/2021 19:02, 1.46 MB) / Download count 127

Image Attachment: CR_DSC2958-1.jpg (5/05/2021 19:02, 1.36 MB) / Download count 124

Author: lkatherine    Time: 5/05/2021 23:28

Thank you.

All 3 birds were ringed on 20-Sep-2020.

Whimbrel X3 has been wintering at Mai Po, reported in Oct, Nov, Feb and Mar.

Common Redshank AU was reported in Jan, Feb and Mar.

Common Redshank Z4 was reported tiwce every month since ringed.

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