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Subject: [Hong Kong] Pipit ID (Tai Mo Shan) [Print This Page]

Author: birder_Fai    Time: 2/06/2021 15:03     Subject: Pipit ID (Tai Mo Shan)

Hi all,

I saw some pipits on Tai Mo Shan last Sunday.

3-4 of them flew among trees and grasses nearby the hiking trail.  I believe they are Richard’s pipits.

Another one was, by itself, hopping between a couple of big rocks and the ground on top of the hill, not less than 50m from me. I was unable to take a good photo of it but a bunch of super blur ones - see attached.  Would anyone be able to tell/ guesstimate what it is?

Thanks in advance.

Attachment: B701045B-F32F-47CE-B2F7-74287AD9FA6A.jpeg (2/06/2021 15:03, 679.5 KB) / Download count 146

Attachment: ED41F12F-96BE-4C85-9349-F20E17EAFF38.jpeg (2/06/2021 15:03, 556.8 KB) / Download count 77
Author: birder_Fai    Time: 2/06/2021 15:06

A couple of “close-up” if they are helpful...

Attachment: B9ED3685-9AD2-44A0-A5F6-1E243010B83B.jpeg (2/06/2021 15:06, 1.85 MB) / Download count 132

Attachment: A8603EEF-1BD6-4D9A-8CBF-D65B8B404DE4.jpeg (2/06/2021 15:06, 1.17 MB) / Download count 72
Author: HKBWS Ivan    Time: 2/06/2021 15:47

looks like Richard's Pipit
Author: birder_Fai    Time: 2/06/2021 22:25

Thank you Ivan.

Is Upland pipit still a resident at Tai Mo Shan?  In ebird, the last record there was taken in April 2020 already!  Wonder if anyone has seen it over the last 13 months.

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