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Subject: 季後鳥 冬候鳥 過境遷徙鳥 [Print This Page]

Author: moto1068    Time: 6/10/2021 13:05     Subject: 季後鳥 冬候鳥 過境遷徙鳥

季後鳥 冬候鳥 過境遷徙鳥 有咩分別 有咩例子? THX
Author: wcaptain    Time: 6/10/2021 18:04

A quick feedback

季後鳥 + 過境遷徙鳥 (migrants) --- two types: spring migrants (Apr + May) and autumn migrants (Sept - Nov). Most flycatchers, Pitta, reed warblers etc

冬候鳥 (winter visitors) - stay HK during winter (Dec-Mar): thrushes

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