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Subject: apartments in northern NT 2 [Print This Page]

Author: orientalstork    Time: 8/10/2021 07:14     Subject: apartments in northern NT 2

I have recently heard the government's plan to develop areas such as Fung lol wai San tin kwu tong and Lok ma Chau. I think it will cause a huge environment disaster, are there any plans from the government to protect northern fishponds?
Author: lhw    Time: 8/10/2021 14:33

I think the government has the plan but it is for filling all fishponds.
Author: kmike    Time: 10/10/2021 06:55

Neither statement is true.

The stated plan is to resume around 2000 hectares of fishponds in these areas for conservation as part of its plans for the new "Northern Metropolis". The whole plan can be found here:

The section in Chapter 4: "Implementing a Proactive Conservation Policy to Create Environmental Capacity" provides more details. This includes some maps showing the areas intended for conservation.
As with all policy documents this is only a plan - and much will depend on the details of execution. HKBWS is working to find out what additional details are available and will continue to make the case to protect these outstanding wetlands.


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