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Subject: Record Committee Decision 2023 [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Tung    Time: 4/04/2023 17:08     Subject: Record Committee Decision 2023

At a meeting on 10 January 2023, the Record Committee made the following decisions:

Addition to Cat I
-        No new addition into the Hong Kong List during this meeting.
The Hong Kong List still stands at 575 species in Cat I and II.

Removal of URF submission requirement
-        No suggestion was made during the meeting

Outstanding URF for review/assessment
-        4 URFs for checklist sub-committee (all 2022)
-        41 URFs for main committee (1 for 2014, 2018, 2020, 2021 and 37 for 2022)

The avifauna of Hong Kong
-        Geoff Carey gave a presentation to RC members on the new online version of the Avifauna of Hong Kong (as Geoff Carey is editor of the Avifauna of Hong Kong). Discussion was made on issues of keeping and processing future bird records in relation to the Hong Kong Bird Report. It is anticipated the Avifauna of Hong Kong will be launched in the later part of 2023.

Taxonomy and HK List nomenclature changes
-        There was no update on IOC (13.1 draft) till January 2023.

The next meeting is scheduled in mid-April 2023.
Author: HKBWS Tung    Time: 4/04/2023 17:09




-        是次會議沒有新鳥種加入

-        是次會議沒有任何修改

-        名錄小組委員會有4份罕有雀鳥記錄表 (全是2022年)
-        記錄委員會有41份罕有雀鳥記錄表 (2014年,2018年,2020年,2021年各1份,2022年37份)。

-        賈知行先生在是次會議中給紀錄委員會做一個關於出版新網上版香港鳥類名錄的簡報(賈是香港鳥類名錄的總編輯),亦討論關於未來搜集及處理香港雀鳥紀錄,跟出版年度香港鳥類報告的相連部分。香港鳥類名錄預計於2023年稍後時間推出。

-        直至2023年1月,IOC (13.1版本)沒有更新《香港鳥類名錄》內鳥種的名字。


Author: HKBWS Tung    Time: 30/08/2023 16:33

At a meeting on 20 April 2023, the Record Committee made the following decisions:

Addition to Cat I
- Western Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus, Mai Po, 15 October 2022.

The HK List now stands at 576 species in Cat I and II. An updated HK List will be published later.

Addition to Cat III
•        Spot-breasted Parrotbill Paradoxornis guttaticollis, Tai Mo Shan, 24 March 2022.
•        Spanish Sparrow, Passer hispaniolensis, King’s Park Hong Kong Observatory, 22 October 2020.

The following subspecies record was reviewed and accepted for HK:
•        Hume’s Leaf Warbler (spp. humei), Hong Kong Wetland Park, 2018-12-09. (c.f. the previous earliest record was at Pak Sha O, 2020-11-01).

Species under review:

Blue flycatcher issue
Recent taxonomic revisions have resulted in the reclassification of klossi blue flycatcher as a subspecies of the Hainan Blue Flycatcher Cyronis hainanus (Zhang et al. 2016, Gwee et al. 2019) a species that shares certain plumage resemblances with the Chinese Blue Flycatcher Cyornis rubeculoides (i.e. orange colour on throat and breast). Complicating matters further, interbreeding between Hainan and Chinese Blue Flycatchers have been reported (Ng et al., 2020).

In light of these developments, the Record Committee is reviewing all records of Hainan Blue Flycatcher klossi and Chinese Blue Flycatcher. Observers are strongly encouraged to gather detailed information regarding these blue flycatcher species. Such information will prove invaluable in refining field identification criteria, enhancing our understanding of their occurrence patterns.

Taxonomy and HK List nomenclature changes

IOC World Bird List 13.1
Singing Bush Lark Mirafra cantillans is lumped with Horsfield’s Bush Lark M. javanica. Name of this Cat III is revised accordingly.

IOC World Bird List 13.2 (draft on April 2023, updated on August 2023)
Lesser Sand Plover Charadrius mongolus is split to Siberian Sand Plover (a re-name from Lesser) and Tibetan Sand Plover C. atrifrons.
Grey-crowned Leafbird Chloropsis lazulina is re-lumped with Orange-bellied Leafbird C. hardwickii.

These names in the HK list are probably changed in the coming future.
If members are interested to the IOC bird list, please check it at:

Record Committee Chairman
Yat-tung Yu
Author: HKBWS Tung    Time: 30/08/2023 16:37



白頭鷂 Circus aeruginosus 於米埔記錄 (2022-10-15)。

點胸鴉雀Paradoxornis guttaticollis於大帽山記錄(2022-03-24)。
黑胸麻雀Passer hispaniolensis於京士柏記錄(2020-10-22)。

淡眉柳鶯(humei亞種)於香港濕地公園(2018-12-09), 之前首次紀錄於白沙澳(2020-11-01)。



最近的鳥類分類修訂將klossi亞種的藍鶲被重新歸類為海南藍鶲(Cyornis hainanus)的一個亞種(Zhang et al. 2016, Gwee et al. 2019),這鳥種與中華仙鶲(Cyornis rubeculoides)在羽色上有共同之處(例如橙色的喉嚨和胸部)。更複雜的是,海南藍鶲和中華仙鶲之間的雜交也有報告(Ng et al. 2020)。



IOC 世界鳥類名錄 13.1
兩種歌百靈(Mirafra cantillansMirafra javanica)合併為一種(Mirafra javanica Horsfield’s Bush Lark), 在第III 類鳥的名單上的名字亦會更改。

IOC 世界鳥類名錄 13.2 (初稿在2023年4月,更新在2023年8月)
蒙古沙鴴 Lesser Sand Plover Charadrius mongolus分拆成兩種 – 蒙古沙鴴 (改名為Siberian Sand Plover C. mongolus)及青藏沙鴴 (C. atrifrons)。
灰冠橙腹葉鵯 (Chloropsis lazulina) 再歸納入橙腹葉鵯 (C. hardwickii)。


下次會議安排在2023年8月中。(更新: 會議延遲到可能9月中。)

Author: HKBWS Tung    Time: 12/11/2023 11:18

In July 2023, the Record Committee did not call for a meeting and assessments were conducted via emails and online platform.

At a meeting on 3 October 2023, the Record Committee made the following decisions:

Addition to Cat I of HK List
- Tibetan Sand Plover Charadrius atrifrons, Deep Bay area, several records and probably annual
- Mountain Scops Owl Otus spilocephalus latouchi, Ng Tung Chai, 30 December 2022
- (Revised) Tree Pipit Anthus trivialis, Mai Po, 3 March 2022 (same individual was also reported on 23 February 2022), other individual was at Tai Po Tin on 3 January 2022. In total, two individuals were accepted.

The HK list now stands at 578 species in Cat I and II. An updated HK List will also be published.

Addition to Cat III of HK List
- Jerdon’s Baza Aviceda jerdoni, Lung A Pai, Lam Tsuen, 22 December 2022
Asymmetric feather damages were noted on primaries and remiges which were different from normal moulting condition, suggesting that could be cage damage.

The following first HK subspecies is accepted by Checklist Sub-committee during the RC meeting
- Chinese Bulbul Pycnonotus sinensis (spp. hainaus), Shui Hau, Lantau, 26 Jan 2023.

Species require further reviews/discussion:
- Masked Bunting Emberiza personata, Long Valley, 4 February 2013.
- Scaly-sided Mergenser Mergus squamatus, Tai Lam Country Park, 20 January 2023.
- Stejneger’s Scoter Melanitta stejnegeri, two previous records (at Pak Nai, 5 Feb 1982 and from Tsim Bei Tsui, 26 December 1985) might not have sufficient details for current identification criteria. These records will be reviewed by Checklist Sub-committee.

Discrepancy of Chinese names
Due to different bird books, literatures and checklists (from Hong Kong and China mainland) using different set of Chinese names over the past 10 years, some bird species appear to have more than one Chinese name and cause some confusion.  HKBWS Record Committee main committee members made reviews and suggestions to adopt the Chinese names for all Category I and II bird species in Hong Kong List, that aims to standardize the Chinese names used in Hong Kong and minimize confusion. It is found that a total of 45 species have different Chinese names in the Hong Kong List, 23 species will follow the names in the Checklist of birds of China (version 10), and the rest 22 species will be retained the names commonly used in Hong Kong.

Removal of URF submission requirement:
- Sakhalin Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus borealoides

Taxonomy and HK List nomenclature changes

IOC version 13.2, several splits mentioned before are now confirmed, and other changes:

- Tibetan Sand Plover Charadrius atrifrons was split from Lesser Sand Plover C. mongolus, which is re-named to Siberian Sand Plover.
- Greyish-crowed Leafbird Chloropsis lazuline was relump with Orange-bellied Leafbird Chloropsis hardwickii.
- Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentilis is renamed to Eurasian Goshawk, as American Goshawk A. atricapillus was split from the Northern Goshawk.
- Japanese Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone atrocaudata and Japanese Reed Bunting Emberiza yessoensis are suggested to change to Black Paradise Flycatcher and Ochre-rumped Bunting. The HKBWS Record Committee is not in favour of following these changes. The new name Black Paradise Flycatcher in fact cannot reflect better of its plumage features as the subspecies T.a. atrocaudata does not have black plumage at all but notably dark marron colour on mantle, while Ochre-rumped Bunting cannot reflect its close relation to “reed buntings” (i.e. Common and Pallas’s Reed Buntings Emberiza schoeniclus and E. pallasi).

- Genus name of White-bellied Sea Eagle is changed from Haliaeetus to Icthyophaga:

- The following orders of bird will have changes in sequence in the Hong Kong List

- Parrotbills have merge and re-merges of genus:

- Due to lumping of Horsfield’s Bush Lark Mirafra javanica to Singing Bush Lark M. cantilans, the English name of Horsfield Bush Lark is changed Singing Bush Lark M. javanica.
- Tentatively lumping of Desert Whitethroat Curruca minula (including margelanica) and Hume's Whitethroat C. althaea with Lesser Whitethroat C. curruca, there was no change in HK List.

RC secretary Carrie Ma will step down from her role in December 2023 after completing the current tasks. Record Committee Chairman and all members are very grateful for all her great contribution to the committee.

The next meeting is scheduled in mid-January 2024.

Record Committee Chairman
Yat-tung Yu
Author: HKBWS Tung    Time: 12/11/2023 11:33




- 青藏沙鴴Charadrius atrifrons於后海灣有多個及可能是每年都有記錄。
- 黃嘴角鴞Otus spilocephalus latouchi於梧桐寨記錄 (2022-12-30)
- (修改)林鷚Anthus trivialis於米埔記錄(2022-03-03),同一隻鳥在同地亦有較早的紀錄(2023-02-23)。另一隻於大埔田記錄(2022-01-03)。一共有兩個個體的記錄。


- 褐冠鵑隼Aviceda jerdoni於林村谷內的龍丫排 (2022-12-22)

白頭鵯Pycnonotus sinensis 亞種hainanus於大嶼山水口記錄(2023-01-26)

日本灰頭鵐Emberiza personata於塱原(2013-02-04)
中華秋沙鴨Mergus squamatus於大欖郊野公園(2023-01-20)
斑臉海番鴨Melanitta stejnegeri,兩個紀錄在白泥(1982-02-05)及尖鼻嘴(1985-12-26),兩個紀錄沒有提供現今辨認要點需要的細節,這兩個紀錄都會在名錄委員會再審議。

由於過去10年不同的鳥類書籍、文獻和清單(來自香港和中國大陸)使用不同的中文名稱,一些鳥類似乎有一個以上的中文鳥名,並引起一些混淆。 香港觀鳥會紀錄委員會成員就《香港鳥類名錄》中所有第一類及第二類鳥類採用中文名稱提出檢討和建議,旨在規範在香港使用的中文鳥名,並盡量減少混淆。結果發現,《香港鳥類名錄》共有45種有不同的中文名稱,其中23種會沿用《中國鳥類名錄(第10版)》中的名稱,其餘22種則保留香港常用的名稱。

庫頁島柳鶯 Phylloscopus borealoides


根據最新的世界鳥類名錄(IOC version 13.2),多個鳥種的分拆及合併已做最後確認,亦有其他鳥名改變:
- 青藏沙鴴 Charadrius atrifrons由蒙古沙鴴C. mongolus分拆,後者的英文鳥名亦改為Siberian Sand Plover
- 灰冠橙腹葉鵯Chloropsis lazuline再歸入橙腹葉鵯Chloropsis hardwickii.
- 蒼鷹Accipiter gentilis的英文鳥名由Northern Goshawk改為Eurasian Goshawk,原因是美洲的蒼鷹已分拆成American Goshawk A. atricapillus
- 紫綬帶Japanese Paradise Flycatcher及紅頸葦鵐Japanese Reed Bunting的英文鳥名改為Black Paradise Flycatcher及 Ochre-rumped Bunting。紀錄委員會暫不接納對這個建議,因為新的英文鳥名並不對鳥種辦認帶來用處。在香港出現的紫綬帶是亞種T.a. atrocaudata ,牠的背部並不是黑色,是深紫色,以及紅頸葦鵐的新英文未能顯示這種鳥跟另外兩種[蘆葦鵐](Reed Buntings) – 蘆鵐Emberiza schoeniclus 及葦鵐E. pallasi,在分類學上的密切關係。

- 白腹海鵰的屬名由Haliaeetus改為Icthyophaga



- 由於不同的歌百靈Horsfield’s Bush Lark Mirafra javanica合併,英文鳥名改用 Singing Bush Lark Mirafra javanica

- 初步建議將漠白喉林鶯Curruca minula (margelanica),休氏白喉林鶯C. althaea 及白喉林鶯C. curruca合併,這改動對《香港鳥類名錄》沒有影響。




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