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Subject: Marsh Sandpiper AD, Curlew Sandpipers DV, TT and ?? [Print This Page]

Author: bigbird    Time: 14/04/2023 13:05     Subject: Marsh Sandpiper AD, Curlew Sandpipers DV, TT and ??

AD 2023-04-13, Mai Po

All three curlew sandpipers sighted on 2023-04-10, Mai Po

Image Attachment: 2023-04-13-AD.jpg (14/04/2023 13:05, 712.92 KB) / Download count 150

Image Attachment: 2023-04-10-DV.jpg (14/04/2023 13:05, 615.54 KB) / Download count 165

Image Attachment: 2023-04-10-TT.jpg (14/04/2023 13:05, 252.33 KB) / Download count 202

Image Attachment: 2023-04-10-XN.jpg (14/04/2023 13:05, 803.73 KB) / Download count 157

Author: lkatherine    Time: 15/04/2023 11:45

Thank you.

AD was ringed on 17-Apr-2022, seen in Oct-2022 by you, and then in Mar-2023 by another bird watcher at Mai Po. This is the 3rd sighting.

DV was ringed on 31-Mar-2017. It was reported in spring 2019 and 2021 at Mai Po and Shenzhen Futian. Great to see it stop-over here again this year.

TT was just ringed on 7-Apr-2023. This is the 1st sighting.

For the last photo, I think both RN, PN, HN are possible. Sorry that I can't confirm. All 3 are ringed in Apr-2022.

Author: fforrest    Time: 16/04/2023 08:16

Thanks a lot for sharing the glorious photos with us.

As the harddisk of our web server is very limited, please kindly keep the phoos to be posted not more than 500k and 1600px in size.  Thanks

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