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Subject: Slaty-backed Flycatcher in Hong Kong [Print This Page]

Author: HKBWS Surveyor    Time: 12/02/2008 17:43     Subject: Slaty-backed Flycatcher in Hong Kong

An interesting flycatcher was found near a stream in Hong Kong and was well photographed by a bird photographer.
Based on the features of the bird, it could be Slaty-backed Flycatcher.
Please see the following link for detail.
Author: ddavid    Time: 12/02/2008 18:52

For the benefit of those of us who cannot read Chinese, would it be possible to state which stream in Hong Kong this interesting (and very well-photographed) flycatcher was seen at??

Happy New Year,

Author: gary    Time: 12/02/2008 21:56

To David,

The photographer haven't disclosed the location so far.

Author: hgeorge    Time: 12/02/2008 22:01

Hi David,

Sorry about that. The founder just provided the above information (in Chinese) and no detail of the bird's location.

I think most of the birders want to know the location and want to see it rather than just for watching the photos.

Author: ddavid    Time: 13/02/2008 04:15

Gary & George -

Thanks for your responses.

Most people who visit this site - birdwatchers & photographers alike - tend to share their sightings & give directions so that others can enjoy the birds they have discovered.

I think this mutual sharing is very important, providing that it has no detrimental effect on the bird, of course.

Should you gain any further information, I know that I and others would appreciate directions etc...

All the best,

Author: lpaul    Time: 13/02/2008 08:31

My understanding of the situation is that the photographer is refusing to divulge the location.

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