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Subject: [Owls] Breeding record of Collared Scops Owl [Print This Page]

Author: Tony    Time: 7/04/2008 15:26     Subject: Breeding record of Collared Scops Owl

I discover a breeding collared scops owl with 3 eggs in a hollow tree root on the ground last week. But it reduces to 2 eggs today which may be eaten by a snake in the site.
It would probably be the lowest breeding nest of the species in Hong Kong after checking with the Avifauna of Hong Kong.
Please correct me if it is not.

I will submit the location to record committee but forgive me not to disclose the place here in order to prevent the bird from disturbance during breeding.

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Author: gary    Time: 7/04/2008 19:32

Very interesting and extraordinary record.
However, I'm thinking is it because no suitable tree hole at adjacent area that force the owl nest on ground?

Author: Tony    Time: 7/04/2008 21:23

Yes. There are no tree holes nearby, but many ground holes....
But I think it is very dangerous to breed the chicks on ground
since there could be more predators.
Do owls make their nest?
Author: kmatthew    Time: 7/04/2008 21:30

I don't think owls dig their own tree hole, they only use existing holes or nest boxes provided as far as I know. There are really not a lot of natural tree holes in HK, the trees in many locations are not mature enough in general. So, most owls uses nest boxes provided by people. But a hole on the ground...this is the first time I have ever heard Collard Scops building nests on ground level.
Author: wcaptain    Time: 8/04/2008 09:21

I saw CSO nesting on the ground in Shing Mun CP in 2000. However, all eggs were said to be destroyed .... probably by predators.

I guess young parents may nest in this way, probably lack of experience or no tree holes nearby.

Author: Tony    Time: 8/04/2008 14:51

That's really bad....I also worry the eggs of the SCO being eaten, can't hatch into chicks......
Author: Tony    Time: 15/04/2008 16:22

It's sad that the eggs of the owl seemed eaten by predator when I work at the field today. It's all about fitness.......they can't survive with so high predatory pressure on ground. I believe the mother could survive, hope she will aware of nesting place in the future...

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