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Subject: [Plovers] Is this a Pectoral Sandpiper [Print This Page]

Author: cywong    Time: 10/05/2008 21:34     Subject: Is this a Pectoral Sandpiper

Is this a Pectoral Sandpiper?

Mai Po    10/05/08

Author: tmichael    Time: 10/05/2008 21:39

Yes it is, I'm pretty sure.

Which pond?

Mike Turnbull
Author: kmike    Time: 10/05/2008 21:48

a good find - well done!

Author: cywong    Time: 10/05/2008 21:52

Thanks to Mike and Thanks to Mike.

Found on Pond #16/17.
Author: 深藍-Owen    Time: 12/05/2008 17:38

the sandpipper show up in 16/7 near hide 6 again today found by Tung.

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