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Subject: Username format of the new Portal [Print This Page]

Author: fforrest    Time: 14/10/2006 09:48     Subject: Username format of the new Portal

For security reason and so as to facilitate our future maintenance of the portal as well as to reduce our workload, members are required to register again and your login/username should be the first letter of your last name + your first name, eg. CHAN Tai Man David - the username should be ctaiman or cdavid (all in small capital letter).

HKBWS members (not BBS members) also need to input your HKBWS membership id so that the system can verify whether you are the members of HKBWS automatically.  However, please note that the format of membership id, last name and first name should be exactly the same as our records, otherwises the system won't allow you to register unless you don't input the member ID.

In the new portal/forums, each HKBWS members are allowed to upload photos (max 2 photos per each message) in their message.

Forrest FONG
Author: lchunfai    Time: 9/07/2008 18:20

where can I input my ID no.
Author: Web Osprey    Time: 9/07/2008 23:08

um..... 2 years before la boh... there is no such requirement in this new forum lei...
if you need your account hv full function of HKBWS Members in urgent.
Please follow the "Change Name" Procedure to have your account activate : ... &extra=page%3D1

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