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Subject: [Button-quails] Yellow-legged Button-quail [Print This Page]

Author: sdavid    Time: 16/10/2008 11:30     Subject: Yellow-legged Button-quail

Yellow-legged Button-quail, Mai Po Access Road, 16 Oct 2008

Feeding/forgaing on the roadside verge on the big lefthand bend before you get to the WWF visitor centre.

Image Attachment: Yellow-legged Button-quail.jpg (16/10/2008 11:30, 53.57 KB) / Download count 479

Image Attachment: Yellow-legged Button-quail hiding.jpg (16/10/2008 11:30, 110.58 KB) / Download count 469

Image Attachment: Yellow-legged Button-quail road.jpg (16/10/2008 11:30, 81.32 KB) / Download count 483

Author: HKBWS Vicky    Time: 16/10/2008 15:35

WOW!! great record!!
And it seems we don't have a clear photo on this species. Congratulations, David!
Author: sdavid    Time: 16/10/2008 15:42

To be fair, it's still not the clearest picture. I don't think other photographers will be fearing the competition with this effort.  Record shot I believe it's called!  

But the bird was showing very well, which was nice.

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