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Subject: [Owls] 今期大熱..Brown Hawk Owl 鷹鴞 [Print This Page]

Author: eling    Time: 20/11/2008 08:39     Subject: 今期大熱..Brown Hawk Owl 鷹鴞

18/11/08 Lai Chi Kok Park

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Author: gary    Time: 20/11/2008 20:00

Author: 热风    Time: 14/09/2009 20:28

漂亮 不知道是真哪里 拍的
Author: thinfor    Time: 14/09/2009 22:01

It seems that you are very interested in the raptors' photos, even though those have been posted for around a year.

Please find by yourself for the venue taken.  But from your comments in 'Eurasian Hobby', we doubt your enthusiasm on birdwatching.

看來你很喜歡猛禽的照片, 儘管那些照片已是1 年前的了.

請你自己找拍攝的地方. 但看過你'燕隼'的留言, 大家都會懷疑你對觀鳥的熱愛.

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