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Subject: [Plovers] Kentish Plover 環頸鴴 [Print This Page]

Author: winniewong    Time: 29/11/2009 23:09     Subject: Kentish Plover 環頸鴴

Kentish Plover 環頸鴴
2009-11-28 Pui O
5D2 + 400mm

Author: tbob    Time: 30/11/2009 21:08


A great series of shots

Author: tmichael    Time: 30/11/2009 21:49

Clearly Kentish Plover, but observations, or better still photographs like this of Kentish-type Plovers from "sandy substrates" such as those at Pui O and in parts of Sai Kung may well produce records of the still rather mysterious "White-faced Plover" (see

Whatever happened with the bird photographed on Lamma two or three years back when the "White-faced Plover" story was just breaking?

Mike Turnbull
Author: sammysam    Time: 2/12/2009 10:35

2009-11-29 Pui O
5D2 + 800mm

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