[Oversea] Ruddy Turnstone’s marathon flight across the Pacific

Ruddy Turnstone’s marathon flight across the Pacific

Australian Wader Studies Group - The migration routes of Ruddy Turnstone in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway revealed by data loggers.

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Link to full story (pdf)

Ruddy Turnstone 9Y migration route (AWSG, 2010)


Wow! Very interesting.
It had already been shown that Bar-tailed Godwits cross the Pacific. I wonder how many other wader species do?


The Turnstone's feat just reminds we all human beings that we are just members of the living world. What we can do with aids of tons and tons of machines and billions of dollars should still be felt inferior to the bird with regards to physical ability and achievement, and also what intelligence and sense have guided the bird returning to Australia.

Can we humans ever able to repeat it, I mean without aid? I doubt it.

Let's get humbled and dethrone us voluntarily from the top place we have assigned us
for being the most intelligent, creative and resourceful being, and feel shameful with
our power to destroy!

Should we be thankful if the birds accept us just as equals?

Gratefull would be a better term. For me I'll render myself to be its student if it
so as graciously accept my sincerest application.

S L Tai


Well said Mr Tai. All we can do is destroy their stopping off places in the name of progress or making money.

Three years ago I had a Ruddy Turnstone with a South Australia leg flag on Po Toi. It never occurred to me that the bird may have made a non-stop flight of 7000 kms from South Australia but it now seems quite possible. All the birds in this study flew non-stop from Australia to Taiwan.