Various Banded Birds seen on 18Apr2021

Esther, thank you so much for all these sightings.

Terek Sandpiper V1 was ringed at Mai Po on 7-Apr-2020. Good to see it returned again.

Great Knot J2 was just ringed a week ago on 11-Apr-2021.

Eurasian Curlew C0 is a bird successfully rehab. by KFBG. It was relased and flagged on 17-Apr-2021.

Marsh Sandpiper P2 is now 10 years old. It was ringed on 17-Sep-2011 as a 1st year bird. It was reported wintering at Mai Po almost every year.

Marsh Sandpiper J4 was ringed on 10-Nov-2018. It was sighted in Dec-18 and Oct-20. This is only the 3rd resighting.

Marsh Sandpiper T7 was ringed on 20-Sep-20, seen in Jan-21 and 12-Apr-21.

Common Redshank BC was also ringed on 20-Sep-20, reported in Feb and Mar as well.

Common Redshank DW was ringed on 14-Feb-2021. It is carrying a GPS tag. This is its 1st resighting.

Common Redshank AP was ringed on 20-Sep-20. It has been reported from Mai Po, Nam Sang Wai and Shenzhen Futian Nature Reserve.

Common Redshank AK was also ringed on 20-Sep-20, seen only once on 16-Oct-20.

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