[Outing] Kam Tin Outing Report

Kam Tin Outing Report

About 70 people joined the Kam Tin outing on 9th Nov.  Hightlight is a Kestrel perched on a wire allowing prolonged observation.  Strangly, no Rufous Turtle-dove and very low number of Red-billed/White-cheeked Starlings.

Thanks for help from peter, Christine and Sammy, and a lot of familiar faces.

Kam Tin, HKBWS outing, 9 Nov 2008, cool (25 deg), cloudly, medium wind, dry                        
2        小䴙䴘        Little Grebe        by Chirstine Choy
14        苍鹭        Grey Heron        Tick
16        大白鹭        Great Egret        Tick
18        小白鷺        Little Egret        Tick
22        池鹭        Chinese Pond Heron        Tick
80        普通鵟        Common Buzzard        Tick
85        红隼        Common Kestrel        Tick
101        白胸苦恶鸟        White-breasted Waterhen        Tick
107        黑翅长脚鹬        Black-winged Stilt        by Chirstine Choy
111        灰头麦鸡        Grey-headed Lapwing        by Chirstine Choy
133        白腰草鹬        Green Sandpiper        Tick
134        林鹬        Wood Sandpiper        Tick
136        矶鹬        Common Sandpiper        Tick
194        珠颈斑鸠        Spotted Dove        Tick
226        小白腰雨燕        Little Swift        Tick
229        普通翠鸟        Common Kingfisher        Tick
230        白胸翡翠        White-throated Kingfisher        Tick
255        黄鹡鸰        Yellow Wagtail        Tick
257        灰鹡鸰        Grey Wagtail        Tick
258        白鹡鸰        White Wagtail        Tick
259        理氏鹨        Richard’s Pipit        Tick
261        红喉鹨        Red-throated Pipit        Tick
270        红耳鹎        Red-whiskered Bulbul        Tick
271        白头鹎        Chinese Bulbul        Tick
272        白喉红臀鹎        Sooty-headed Bulbul        Tick
279        棕背伯劳        Long-tailed Shrike        Tick
287        鹊鸲        Oriental Magpie Robin        Tick
292        黑喉石鵖        Common Stonechat        Tick
312        黑脸噪鹛        Masked Laughingthrush        Tick
345        黄腹鹪莺        Yellow-bellied Prinia        Tick
346        褐头鹪莺        Plain Prinia        Tick
347        长尾缝叶莺        Common Tailorbird        Tick
349        褐柳莺        Dusky Warbler        Tick
394        朱背啄花鸟        Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker        Tick
397        暗绿绣眼鸟        Japanese White-eye        Tick
421        斑文鸟        Scaly-breasted Munia        Tick
424        麻雀        Eurasian Tree Sparrow        Tick
427        丝光椋鸟        Red-billed Starling        Tick
432        灰椋鸟        White-cheeked Starling        Tick
433        黑领椋鸟        Black-collared Starling        Tick
436        八哥        Crested Myna        Tick
444        喜鹊        Common Magpie        Tick

HF Cheung


Actually, peak numbers of Turtle Doves at Kam Tin occur in the second half of the winter (when there is often a decent-sized roost near the Buffalo Fields) which might explain why none were seen. Starling numbers have been generally very low this year (especially at KT) but more seem to be around now that the colder weather has arrived.


Some birds photos

Grey Wagtail  灰鶺鴒

Yellow Wagtail  黃鶺鴒

Spotted Dove  珠頸斑鳩

Common Sandpiper  磯鷸

Common Kestrel  紅隼

Long-tailed Shrike  棕背伯勞

Red-throated Pipit  紅喉鷚

Other photograhers please post more good photoes.

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