Birding Spots   


Please click to the number above or links below to view details of bird watching spots. (Note: the coloured-number indicates the bird watching sites are easier to access.)

1.Hong Kong Park 13.Ng Tung Chai
2.Kowloon Park 14.Shek Kong
3.Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve  15.Tai Long Wan and Sai Kung Peninsula
4.Shing Mun Reservoir  16.Ho Chung
5.Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve  17.Mount Davis
6.Tsim Bei Tsui  18.Lung Fu Shan
7.Long Valley 19.Mount Austin
8.Starling Inlet: Luk Keng and Nam Chung 20.Cape d'Aguilar
9.Tai Mo Shan  21.Dong Ping Chau
10.Kam Tin  22.Sha Lo Tung
11.Po Toi  23.Chau Tau
12.Tap Mun    

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Suggestions of new birding sites and new information on current sites are welcome.