Wild Boar on Po Toi

Wild Boar on Po Toi

There is a large wild boar in the birdwatching area of Po Toi, mostly around the sister's cafe but sometimes near the concrete helipad. Over the past three weeks I have seen it twice and disturbed it another four times, when it makes an annoyed loud grunt and charges off into the bush. It seems to be a single animal, possibly a male.
You can't see it until it moves, so you can get quite close without knowing.

Are wild boars dangerous? Having seen the size of it, I would not like to be on the receiving end of a charging boar.

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I have no idea whether a boar would charge but I am really curious how a Wild Boar could get onto Po Toi.  It must be 3km to Hong Kong Island.  Furthermore, it doesn't seem like Po Toi Island is capable of supporting a population of Boar.


Wild boars can swim - i remember seeing one swimming across Aberdeen.

They not not dangerous as long as people don't put too much stress on them, like a dozen of people surrounding them, shouting at them or approaching their youngs. Their grunts are quite scary though.


Thanks for the reassurance Beetle. I'll try not to stress it too much but it certainly stresses me when it suddenly grunts and crashes off a few feet away.

There is a population of wild boars on Po Toi. I've seen evidence before, but this is the first boar to be seen regularly so close to habitation. Certainly the locals are quite surprised.

There is probably also a small population of Barking Deer. Most of the island is very wild but with trees and bush in the valleys to support such animals, which must have swum there at some time.


I've had a few encounters with Wild Boar - usually they are keen to stay away and run off as soon as they're seen, but about 15 years ago I was frightened to hear one making angry-sounding noises in the bushes very close to the path in Tai Long Wan and since it didn't rush off, but kept growling and grunting I climbed up a tree until it moved off. I never saw it at any stage, but would hate to have one come at me from close cover in the forest.

It's much more comfortable to digiscope them from the living room window, as I did with this one in Feb 2008!

With no tigers and leopards left in Hong Kong their only predators are feral dogs and the largest pythons, but I'm not sure anything could take on a full-grown adult Boar.

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