便携鏡頭清潔布 Compact Lens Cloth

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便携鏡頭清潔布 Compact Lens Cloth


Carson 微纖維鏡頭清潔布
Carson Microfiber Lens Cloth

會員價 Member's Price: $45- (黃色/藍色/綠色/黑色 Yellow/Blue/Green/Black)
非會員價 Non-Member's Price: $50-

會員價 Member's Price: $55- (迷彩 Mossy Oak)
非會員價 Non-Member's Price: $60-

- 鏡頭布張開尺寸:5.5 x 5.5 吋
- 柔軟的微纖維鏡頭布適用於各類型鏡面,包括望遠鏡、相機鏡頭及眼鏡
- 小巧便携,鏡頭布可申縮收藏於小袋內,確保使用時清潔乾爽
- 附掛釣,可繋掛於背囊、相機袋及外衣上作裝飾用

product information:
- Expanded size of lens cloth: 5.5 x 5.5 inches
- Super-soft microfiber lens cloth safe to use on all kinds of lenses, including binoculars, camera lenses and eyeglasses.
- Compact and extremely portable. Lens cloth can be retracted and stored into the pouch and keep it clean and dry.
- It comes with hook to clip it to your backpack, camera bag or jacket as deco.

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