[Hong Kong] 南生圍擬建單車徑 Proposed Cycle Tracks at NSW

南生圍擬建單車徑 Proposed Cycle Tracks at NSW

南生圍擬建單車徑, 圖中顯示擬建單車徑有橋直接橫過河口區域. 即現在最多人觀鳥拍攝的地方~! :evil:  :evil:  :evil:


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They really know where to build a bridge!  


Will the ducks stay there when the bridge is complete?


This is a totally unbelievable project, although they don't mention it, it is clear on the attached map that the cycle track will cross from the ramp (where most photographers take their Nam Sang Wai shots) to the old wooden bridge. That means that it will completely destroy this area



Please forward these 2 links on to whoever is responsible for the cycle track and tell them they are about to destroy the feeding/roosting grounds of these birds, and they should be ashamed of themselves



28 Black-faced spoonbill resting right near that wood bridge on Jan 13, 2008, the Day 3 of International Black-faced Spoonbill Census 2008.

I think its quite easy to see them resting there during winter.


Please raise your concern and send your comment with the following link :



"Dear Sir,

"The site at the northern tip of Nan Shan Wai, south of Lut Chau, where a bridge will be built, is a hotspot for wintering birds.  Each winter hundreds of waterfowl, including the endangered Black-faced Spoonbill, will roost and forage at the mudflat at the junction between the two rivers.  As a result the site is also a very good place for the public to observe the great variety of wintering birds at close quarters, and also a wonderful place for bird photography.

"Building a bridge there will destroy the panoramic natural scenery, affect the feeding and resting ground of the birds, and deprive the public of a good place to get close to nature.

"You may refer to discussions at the following forums:

"lease put the bridge further upstream of the junction.  Cyclists won't mind going further for 1km.



Thanks Owen, I have also sent my comment to object this project. I strongly disagree this proposal.   :evil:


I have had a brief, but positive, telephone conversation this morning with the project officer from CEDD.

He stressed that the project was only at a preliminary stage - and that there was plenty of scope for discussing amendments to the alignment and that HKBWS, KFBG and WWF would be involved in the consultations.

Following this conversation, it is my belief that CEDD will be willing to move the bridge to a different location, probably further up the Kam Tin River.

You may be interested to know that HKBWS has a good relationship with CEDD, and that CEDD has a good track record in amending its projects to take ecological considerations into account.

In 2005 CEDD agreed to change their plans for dredging the Shan Pui and Kam Tin Rivers to preserve the mudbanks where so many of our photographers enjoy close views of BFS, ducks, gulls and waders at this same location at the top of Nam Sang Wai.

This is a good example of a situation where early dialogue and a strong working relationship can deliver truly sustainable development.

Mike K
Mike KilburnVice Chairman, HKBWSChairman, Conservation Committee