Juvenile House Swift dropped from nest again in CUHK

Juvenile House Swift dropped from nest again in CUHK

Yesterday I came across another juvenile house swift dropped from her nest in front of the University Library, CUHK.

The swift was too young to fly. Crouched down in the wet and cold trench, trembling.

The SPCA came and would take it to the Kadoorie Farm with a injured juvenile red-whiskered bulbul, which we found on the same day.

It was the second time within half a year that I came across juvenile house swift dropped from nests. There are more than 300 swifts living in the University Library area so I guess this incident could be common. According to the University Security Unit, swifts were sent to them time by time.

I'm wondering is there anything we can do for the swifts? Why they frequently dropped from nests? There must be some time that dropped swifts were not found by people. And is there any solution better than sending them to the SPCA? Can they live in the Kadoorie Farm?



First, must say thank you to you for saving the young swift!
It's very kind of you! Thank you very much!

Young bird drop from nest is quite common in nature, not only for swift and swallow.
When there are many young birds in a small nest or the food supply not enough, the stronger one sometimes will kick the weaker one out of the nest.
On the other hand, sometimes when the young bird try to fly, they will drop from nest accidentally.
If the nest is not too high and the bird do not get hurt, you can try to put the bird back to its nest.
Otherwise, call SPCA is the best way and they will send it to KFBG.
The doctor in KFBG will take care the injured bird.
And they will release the bird after it is recovered.

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Thank you for the reply!

The nests are about 4-floors high, so even the Security Unit have no means to put the swift back.
In addition, there are many many nests in the same area, so we have no idea which one to put it in, even if we can.

I think sending them to SPCA and KFBG would be the best solution here.