[Eagles] Crested Honey Buzzard 鳳頭 蜂鷹

Crested Honey Buzzard 鳳頭 蜂鷹


Why isn't this a Crested Serpent Eagle?


the underside of the flight feathers  black with broad white bars of Crested Serpent Eagle is more line up .


琴日事後發現好多疑點...都係覺得似蛇鵰 Crested Serpent Eagle


總括呢隻應該係 蛇鵰 亞成鳥 Crested Serpent Eagle sub-adult


To clarify my previous comments - I think the following was also suggested by Peter (sorry, I can't read the Chinese!)

I realise that an adult CSE should have a solid pale bar and dark trailing edge, not shown by this bird.
However, the bird in the photograph shows a struture similar to CSE, especially in terms of having a relatively bulky body. Extensive yellow is visible around the eye, and the eye and bill look relatively large. The underparts seem to be heavily spotted, typical of CSE. I find wing shape difficult to judge due to the angle of the photo.

Crested Honey Buzzard should seem slimmer. In particular, the head should seem much smaller and project further beyond the wings. The bill should be smaller and weaker, with no bare skin around the eye (which should be dark).

The main feature suggesting Honey buzzard seems to be the tail pattern dark bands near the base and tip, but otherwise pale) - but CSE also shows this tail pattern (and I think the broad dark bars actually fit better for CSE).

I think the bird is a 1st summer CSE, in which the flight feathers are retained from juvenile plumage but the body feathers have undergone a complete moult to adult-type plumage. I don't remember seeing a bird in this plumage before and can understand how the lack of the usual white/dark bar could cause some confusion.


Agree with John - Crested Serpent Eagle with juvenile flight feathers.

I have seen birds like this at Ng Tung Chai in the past.


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Crested Serpent Eagle

I agree this is a crested serpent eagle--juvenil
Mai Po (same time, same place, same bird)

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This is a 1cy(Juvenile) Crested Serpent Eagle without molting.
You can find 2 dark band at the tail.
This bird will start molting its p1 soon.