2007 and 2008 records

2007 and 2008 records

We are now planning for preparation of the 2007-08 HKBR. It is now time for all birdwatchers to submit records so that they can be compiled and sent to the Systematic List writers.

Please use the appropriate forms contained in a message posted prior to this (Title: Report Form for Bird Records). The Excel file is for records of non-rarities, while the Word file should be used when providing details of records of rare species, or non-rarities in unusual numbers or at unusual times of year. The Excel file indicates which rare species require substantiation.

Please note that even if you have posted a photograph or a site report previously on this website, you still need to provide a record in either of the two formats above. This is because the RC and the Systematic List writers work voluntarily, and we don't have time to copy and collate the very numerous reports submitted to the website. Further, to provide an adequate record, we need a name against each.

If you're not sure of what kind of records to submit, look at the latest HKBR, in particular the section on record submission.

Please submit your records by the end of March at the latest.

Many thanks,

Geoff Carey


A template excel file for submitting non-rarity records is available from me. Please send an email to bfspoonbill @ (delete spaces), or leave a PM to me with your email address.

Note: HKBR = Hong Kong Bird Report - the most important publication from the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society to document records of all bird species occurring in Hong Kong in each year.

Thank you very much

Yu Yat Tung

我有用作遞交非稀有鳥種紀錄的樣板excel檔案, 可供大家使用, 有興趣的, 請寄電郵到bfspoonbill @ (刪除空格)或私人通訊給我索取

HKBR = 香港鳥類報告, 是鳥會最重要的出版刊物, 把每年的鳥類紀錄存檔


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Both excel files for recording rare birds and common birds are already uploaded in our forum. Please refer to the following link:
Rare-species & Non-rare species Report Form