[Oversea] Falkland Islands 福克蘭群島

Falkland Islands 福克蘭群島

Birds of Falkland Islands

A very relaxing holiday in Falkland Islands in Dec 2009.  Here are some pictures to share with:

黑眉信天鶲  Black-browed Albatross  - really exhilarating to see these big birds

巨鸌 Southern Giant Petrel

紅背鵟 Red-backed Hawk

皇家鸕鷀  Imperial Shag

石鸕鷀 Rock Shag

棕賊鷗 Falkland (Antarctic) Skua

Sitting on nest ?

Silvery Grebe 銀鸊鷉

白簇鸊鷉 White-tufted Grebe

雙斑鴴 Two-baned Plover

Rufous-chested Dotterel 棕胸鴴

Kelp Goose 白草雁

斑脇草雁 Upland Goose

Ruddy-headed Goose 棕頭草雁

Falkland Flightless Steamer Duck 灰船鴨 (endemic)

Crested Duck 冠麻鴨

Speckled Teal 斑頭鴨

Pale-faced (Snowy) Sheathbill 白鞘咀鷗

Magellanic Oystercatcher 智利蠣鷸

南美蠣鷸Blackish Oystercatcher

Magellanic Snipe 南美沙錐

Southern Caracara 鳳頭巨隼

Striated Caracara 紅腿巨隼.

短耳鶚  Short-eared Owl

福克蘭鶫Falkland Thrush.

Long-tailed Meadowlark 長尾草地鷚

Dark-faced Ground-tyrant 暗臉地霸鶲


Cobb’s Wren 科氏鷦鷯 (endemic)

Black-chinned Siskin 黑頦金翅雀

Black-throated Finch黑喉草鵐

Black-necked Swan 黑頸天鵝

Kelp Gull 黑背鷗

Brown-hooded Gull 褐頭鷗

Dolphin Gull 豚鷗

Rockhopper Penguin

Magellanic Penguin

Gentoo Penguin

King Penguin

Macaroni Penguin.

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Only one word for that: WOW!


Fantastic series of shots, maybe better than your India & South America photos



Amazing photos....
Hope you can share the itinerary with us!!


I've just seen this wonderful series.  What an experience that must have been.


Looks like a very enjoyable trip.  May be good for an indoor meeting.
I think HKBWS should help our members to share information on foreign trips.  If you don't mind, we will ask you to get us some basic information on travelling later.

That Snipe looks very similar to Common Snipe.  The Short-eared Owl seems to be very different to what we have.  The one we have in this part of the world has yellow iris.

HF Cheung


thank you everyone for your appreciation.

Chairman HF Cheung: just let me know what can i do for the society.  you are always welcome.


感謝上星期四到來室內講座的朋友. 我的行程是委託了 Falkland Islands Holidays 安排 :

他們很尊業. 安排得十分美滿. 令到行程得以順利完成. 從他們的網頁可得到很多資料.  我去年的行程如下 :

Thank you so much for attending the indoor meeting last Thursday (especially the one who could not understand Cantonese).  My itinerary in Falkland Islands as follows:

05 December 2009
Arrived in Pleasant International Airport via LAN (from Punta Arenas, Chile). Overnight in Stanley – Malvina House Hotel for 1 night (B&B)

06 to 08 December 2009
Internal FIGAS (Falkland Islands Government Air Service) flight to Pebble Island. Stayed for 3 nights (full board)

09 & 10 December 2009
Internal FIGAS flight to Saunders Island.  Stayed for 2 nights in Rockery (self-catering)

11 to 13 December 2009
Internal FIGAS  flight to Carcass Island.  Stayed for 3 nights (full board)

14 to 16 December 2009
Internal FIGAS flight to Sea Lion Island.  Stayed for 3 nights (full board)

17 December  2009
Internal FIGAS flight to Stanley.  Transfer to Malvina House Hotel for 2 nights accommodation (B&B).

18 December 2009
Full day excursion to Volunteer Point (King penguin colony)

19 December 2009
Flight from Mount Pleasant to Punta Areas, Chile

因一星期只有一班機從智利 Punta Arenas 飛到福克蘭群島的 Mount Pleasant . 所以行程一般都是一星期或兩星期.

There is only one flight to Mount Pleasant (Falkland Islands) from Punta Arenas (Chile) by Lan, as such, people can only stay there on a weekly basis.

以下還有一些 video . 當晚沒有足夠時間跟大家分享. 抱歉.  There are some more video to share with (which should have shown during the indoor meeting).  My apology for not properly managing the time.

Gentoo Penguin

King Penguin

Rockhopper Penguin

Magellanic Penguin


I like the owl so much that I have set it as my computer desktop.  Thanks.


I understood every word you said.

Great presentation, brilliant photos and an amazing holiday.